A lot of changes done by Aakash Deep Packers and Movers in Recent Time

(The Fact that your house hold goods is usually in safe hand of Aakash Deep Packers and Movers.)

aakash deep covid-19

  •  Safety Measures use by Aakash Deep Packers and Movers
The COVID-19 out break and up to date lockdown have impact our day to day lives in additional ways than one. However, as always, we remain fully committed to being there for you, together with your safety and safety of the community in mind we are working with safety standard and take the subsequent steps for the safest possible services.
  •  Mandatory temperature checks 
Thermal guns are getting used by aakash Deep Packers and movers to see temperature of their packing workers and drivers regularly. Anyone with a temperature above 99.1 F is being told to remain home, rest an recover.
  • Sanitization of packing 
We are attempt to sanitization of our packing before using at end point. We are kept our packing separately in our warehouse in order that minimum person come contact with them.Thus ensuring the cleanliness of any possible touch point.
  • Use of Masks
All personnel involved in packing and moving wear mask regularly at working place.
  •  Staff Safety
Any staff members of Aakash Deep Packers and Movers feels ill or exhibits symptoms related to COVID-19 has been told to remain home, until cleared from a doctor or till after their quarantine period.
Aakash Deep Packers and Movers trained their staff or workers to cleaning themselves and wash their hand regularly after every two hours.
  • Safe Packing and moving
All material are packed properly using safety measurement and after packing all material is roofed by laminations in order that material doesn't inherit direct contact with anyone during transit.
1. Provide material inventory list by mail or whats up to avoid manual survey.
2. attempt to get online quotation, Bill and Bilty to minimum contact with document.
3. attempt to find online tracking system to tract your goods.
4. attempt to make your shifting schedule after open the lockdown when situation is in check .
5. Provide separate place to workers for packing the products .
6. Don’t interact with packing workers and check out to form 1 meter distance.
7. Pay your service charges online and avoid to pay anyone. 


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