10 mistakes you must avoid when shifting home


Shifting home is undeniably a tedious process. One is excited, confused, sad, busy, and many more emotions are experienced simultaneously.

 In such a time of fluctuating emotions, it is easy for things to slip off your mind, and you end up committing some shifting mistakes.

 Don't worry! Read on to know what you need to avoid if shifting to a new home is on your calendar.

1. The most common mistake to avoid while shifting your home is Procrastination. You should begin the process at least a month earlier.

2. Not doing the research and choosing any random moving company at the last minute. The moving companies can also be booked for your D-day if you are too late.

3. Not checking if your moving company provides insurance for your essential and fragile stuff if they get lost or break in the transit.

4. Improper packaging of your stuff leads to breakage or damage. Cost-cutting seems to be tempting at this time, but you shouldn't think of avoiding the bubble wraps or the cushion rolls.

5. Not labelling the boxes at the packing time can cause the most feared confusion of what package contains what stuff. You do not want to open half of your boxes frantically to find your toothbrush on your first day.

6. Not packing a separate box with all the essentials. Since you will not be arranging your new home the moment you enter it, you need to have the essentials in one place.

7. Not getting the cost estimate is a mistake that can shake your budget even if you have been very careful throughout. There are two kinds of estimates that a moving company provides- binding and non-binding.

8. Handing everything over to the moving company. The jewellery, expensive devices, and documents are a few things you should be taking care of yourself.

9. Not deciding what you actually need in your new home. Packing everything up and loading it into the moving vehicle is not the most effective way of moving. You should consider reselling or donating stuff you no longer need.

10.  Not measuring your new home and your stuff beforehand. One of the most painful things about moving is taking things with you that don't fit your new place.

We hope this was helpful, and you would not make these moving mistakes if you are planning to shift to your new abode soon. We wish you happy moving!


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